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2016 release schedule update!

Hey guys, i have a bit of important news for you all. I don’t know if this is bad or good for you but i think it’s for the better. I’ve decided to push the release of all next year’s books back. So 2016’s books will now come out a bit later than what i previously planned. The new dates are probably the final ones, but i’m warning you now that they could change!

-The Chronicles of Light and Dark – (previously due for release Jan 31 2016) will now release… Feb 28 2016. – The Aqua Promise (previously March 31) now April 30. -Thirst (previously may 31) is now going to be released in late 2016 due to me going on holiday to Europe and something else i have planned for the entire Dragon Heart series. (Please note the pre-order date i have up on smashwords, ibooks, kobo etc is NOT the final release date.)

I’m sorry in advance if i’ve upset you in any way or inconvenienced you. I’ve had to make a lot of personal choices in recent times that as i said, will hopefully be for the better. Thanks for the support.

Love Laura xx


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