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Busy, busy, busy!

I’ve just spent the past hour or so amending and editing goodreads and have the release dates for the last 3 books to be published this year and the first 2 of 2015.Here’s how my schedule stands at the moment…

The Books available for pre-order are: The Garden of Death- May 31st The Chronicles of Fire and Ice- June 13th The Chronicles of Blood and Stone – July 13th The Chronicles of Silver and Gold- July 31st Crave – August 31st

Now for the rest of the dates i haven’t yet released: Molten Heart -October 31st The Aqua Lie – November 31st Second Sight – December 31st The Chronicles of Rain and Dreams – Jan 31st 2015 The Garden of Fate – March 31st 2015

You can add all of these and more to your goodreads shelves here

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