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Crave Cover reveal

Here it is! The book i am working on at the moment! I am just so excited about this book!

Title: Crave

Genre: NA paranormal romance/ myths and legends

Formats: eBook and Paperback

Release Date: June/ July 2014


I remember excruciating pain.

I remember unimaginable heat.

I remember an undeniably beautiful young woman.

But I’m not sure whether these things are real.

One year ago, Ash Brandon was framed and sent to an unknown realm where he learnt his fate. A fate where he held the blood of an ancient line of Dragon shifters called Dragon Hearts. The thing is, he can no longer remember. All he knows is that he is a nineteen-year-old guy who wants to study architecture and one day, take over the family business.

Then two beautiful girls show up in his life — one who is sexy as hell and could be the woman of his dreams, while the other claims to have known him from a past he cannot remember. Only there is one thing he can’t wrap his mind around — Why does he crave each of the girls?

A now eighteen-year-old Eva, a powerful Dragon Heart Keeper from the Dragon Realm, is punished by her parents and sent to the earthly realm by her witch maiden. Her memories have all been wiped clean, but why can she still remember Ash, and the undeniable bond they once shared?

Emily is a Siren princess, and she always gets what she wants. When she sets her sights on Ash, all bets are off. She will make him hers — if only his Keeper weren’t in the way.

Will Ash discover who he truly is before its too late? Or will his deadly addiction to both girls get him killed?

Crave Love – Crave Life – Crave Truth

Inspired by the short story,

The Dragon Heart Keeper, also by L.L. Hunter

That’s not all the news i have!

Yesterday, FIRST GLANCE was featured on Bargain Booksy! FYI, books are hand picked for that site, so it is quite hard to get a spot! I am so so flattered! And because of that, First Glance reached the #2 spot in it’s category, bestselling psychic suspense, right next to Stephen Freakin’ King!!!

Excuse me while i scream!

This author was featured on


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